Chris Farias is feeling his fantasy.

Chris is an unchained unicorn free to roam.

He's on a mission to live his best, most authentic life.

He's also a mindful creative that sees the brilliant potential in everything around him.

But for a long time, Chris felt held back and unable to pursue his passions as freely as he wanted to.

Now, he's not letting anyone rein him in.

Since embracing his inner unicorn he's founded a badass branding agency and dressed as a curly-haired drag queen to read to children. He and his husband created a community fund to benefit LGBTQ+ youth. He's built an online community for people whose hearts are covered in feathers and taught others how to do the same for their audiences.

Chris has been a columnist for BizMagazine and the Hamilton Spectator, a correspondent for CBC Television, co-host of the Let Them Eat Gayke podcast, and is a frequent lecturer at Mohawk College and McMaster University.

The reign of Chris Farias is upon us.

It feels good to be king. And queen. And whatever the hell he feels like on a given day.